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    Surface treatment equipment supplier
    About Jiajie
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    ????? Jiajie Machinery is located inside the Automobile City of Huadu District near Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. It occupies an area of more than ten thousand square meters. The company, fully equipped with appliances for pre-processing, coating, drying, automated convoy, purification and environment protection, is specialized in designing and manufacturing surface treatment production lines for spray paint, powder coating,? electro deposition, oxidation, and enamel. It provides services for various industries, including transportation, electricity, household appliances, IT and electronic communications, energy, construction and building materials, etc.
    ??? ??Jiajie Machinery has been providing high quality products and best services since its establishment. With its great technical advantages, the company has established long term partnerships with distinguished domestic and overseas customers, including Honda, Nissan, Hitachi, Media, Chigo, Kyushu, Fotile, Himin, Shenling etc., which
    facilitates sustainable development of surface treatment industry.
    ????? The company has built a strong service team with outstanding technical expertise, rich experience and strong installation capability. Our team is committed to serve the society through equipment innovation and product improvement so as to push forward the whole industry. We aim to create double-win relationship with our customers with our exquisite technology, innovative spirit and high quality products. Moreover, we promote the practice of energy-saving and environment protection during our manufacture.
    ???? ?Jiajie Machinery has more than 150 employees and has set up subsidiary companies in Chongqing, Suzhou and Vietnam. The company is focusing on improving the life and quality of its staff, creating development opportunities for them, and is aiming at building a cooperative team with strong senses of duty and responsibility.????
    ??? ? We are continuing to enrich our enterprise culture, improve our promotion system, create double-win environment, enhance our staff’s capability of self-improvement, and strive to be the top national brand in equipment manufacturing.
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